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Tips for Buying a Franchise in South Africa

5 tips when buying a franchise in South Africa

Benefits of having a Warrior Paints & Hardware franchise:

  • An established, well-recognised and respected brand name. 
  • Your own boss with all the benefits and backing of a large organisation. 
  • A high return on your investment. 
  • Protection of your area rights. 
  • Proven quality products at the best prices 
  • Stock availability 
  • In store promotion material

Looking for franchise opportunities in South Africa? Here are five tips that you should consider when you are weighing your franchise options:

  • Compare franchises. When you approach any franchise they will tell you how marvellous they are and they are better than the rest. Compare what they are giving you to what other franchise opportunities are offering. 
  • How much are their fees. Each will charge a fee to buy into their franchise. How much will they charge upfront? Do they then take a percentage of your ‘takings’ or ‘profits’? What are you paying for? Do you pay extra for logos, printed publicity materials, uniforms required to be worn by staff? 
  • Support before startup. What support will they offer you before startup? Will they help you assess your likely profitability in the area you want to set up your franchise? Will they help you find suitable premises/negotiate a reasonable rent? Do they have materials available for the local council if it’s required? 
  • Support on startup. What support will they offer on start-up?
    Will they help prepare the launch, and will they be there to answer any questions? Do they have ready-made press releases and advertisements? If your local council requires you submit policies and procedures before placing you on a ‘preferred providers’ list, do they have these? 
  • Training. What training do they provide for you and your staff?
    Do they have a dedicated training program? Does this cost extra?

Warrior Paints – a sound business investment

When you partner with Warrior Paints by owning a franchise in South Africa, you are making a sound investment for the future. We supply you with store layout and initial setup technical backup and training, in-store promotional material and we protect your area rights! Find out more about Warrior Paints franchising opportunities

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