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Choosing the right paint colours

Choosing the right paint colours

Knowing how to choose the right paint colours can seem quite difficult at first, but after reading this article on useful guidelines when choosing interior paint colours, will leave you feeling calm and rest assured.
  • Choosing the right paint colours, specifically interior paint, starts with understanding warm and cold colours. Cold colours have a lot of white in them opposed to warm colours that have warm hues of brown. When going to your local Warrior Paints store, you will find the paint swatches grouped under headings warm, neutral and cold. Neutral colours are hard to define and pastels are almost always cool as they have an abundance of white in them. Pink is a cool red but you can make it warm by adding a little brown to it.
  • Use your existing furniture to determine whether you’ll need cool, neutral or warm wall paint. Your paint colour should always match your existing furniture and décor, unless you are planning on revamping the entire room, not just the interior paint. For example if you have a pale blue couch with no hint of a warm hue; choosing a warm wall paint colour will make your couch look faded. Rather choose a cool colour that will complement your couch and create a light, breezy feel in your home.
  • Decide whether you want your interior wall paint to be an accent or act as a neutral backdrop. If you want the wall paint to blend, complement, fade away or continue a theme you should use a neutral colour paint. If you want the walls to stand out when entering a room, accent architectural features or use colour in furniture and rugs. You can paint three walls in a room a neutral colour and one accent wall that pops up colour and enhances design. Make your accent wall the focus point.
Choosing the right paint colours at Warrior Paint is easy as they advise you, free of charge, on the appropriate paint techniques for your interior paint project as well as the correct interior paint suitable to your project.

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