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Colours to paint your room

Colours to paint your room

Did you know that different colours of paint carry a certain psychological value to it, and affects your mood? So depending on what mood you want in the room it is wise to first get educated on the paint colours’ psychological meanings and make an informed decision based on this information.

So the question you need to ask yourself is: What mood do I want in the room and what colour will help me achieve that mood?

Colours basically behave in three different ways: active, passive or neutral. Light colours are expansive and airy and make a room look larger. Dark colours are sophisticated and warm, and give a room an intimate feel.

Here are some colours and the mood they create:

  • Red
    If you want to energise a room, stir up some excitement and create a place where people come together for conversation or socializing, red are your colour. In an entryway it creates a strong first impression. Red works wonders in a place where energy is the key word for example advertising agencies, night clubs or an art deco themed interior.
  • Yellow
    Yellow communicates happiness and is wonderful for kitchens, bathroom and dining rooms where a happy colour is uplifting and energising. In a hallway, entrance or any other small space yellow is expansive and welcoming. But there is a negative side to painting a room yellow. It has been recorded that yellow contributes to making people lose their tempers quickly, becoming frustrated and angry. It has also been recorded that babies cry more in yellow rooms. Quite funny for the “happy” colour, isn’t it?
  • Blue
    Blue is considered to have a relaxing effect on people, slows down the heart rate and brings down blood pressure. This calming colour is recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms. If you want to paint your living room or family room blue, consider a softer and warmer shade of blue such as periwinkle or bright blues such as cerulean. Darker blues evoke feelings of sadness.
  • Green
    If you want something restful on the eye, green is your colour. A medium green in the kitchen cools things down whereas green in the family and living room promotes warmth, comfort and togetherness. If you paint your bedroom’s walls green it will create a mood of relaxation and pleasure.
Now that you are clued up on the psychological meaning of paint and have determined what mood you want to create in the room/s, contact Warrior Paints for a vast variety of quality and affordable paints!

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