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Creative Ideas for painting your house

Creative Ideas for painting your house

Looking for creative painting ideas to spice up the interior look of your house? Then it is time to try faux finishing, a painting style that is probably the most popular amongst interior painting styles. It is so easy to learn you can do it yourself, and it creates a dramatic effect without doing too much.
  • The easiest of faux finishing interior painting styles is sponging. This is a wonderful styling technique to camouflage blemishes and other small defects on your wall. Here’s how you do it:
1.      Begin by applying a base coat.
2.      Once it has dried, dip a sea sponge in paint to apply the sponging effect.
Press lightly for a delicate effect and harder for a bolder more dramatic effect.
  • If you are ready for a more challenging, faux finishing technique you can try combing and glazing. This technique involves painting glaze paint over your base coat of paint and then remove some of the wet paint with a graining comb creating bold patterns like squiggles, swirls or any design you desire.
1.      Apply the base coat.
2.      Once the base coat is dry apply the glaze paint.
3.      Comb the wet glaze paint with the graining comb. The teeth of the comb will remove the glaze showing some of the base coat.
Other inter painting styles include rag rolling, colour washing and feather dusting.
The key to different painting styles are the tools you use. You can create many different effects with interior paint as long as you have the right tools and know the technique. Most painting styles entail starting with a base coat (similar to sponging) followed by applying paint with the tool unique to the painting technique.
For more creative, painting ideas for your house visit your nearest Warrior Paints branch or contact them at www.warriorpaints.co.za where a trained paint consultant will gladly assist and advise you on the best paint for your particular paint project.

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