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Custom Paint – Pre-Mixed Paint

Browsing through a home improvement magazine – a certain colour catches your eye so off you go to your local paint shop in an attempt to match this up with what you have in mind, and for some unfathomable reason the people helping out – although extremely helpful, are not able to find the right paint colour on the swatches, colour charts, or in the little paint pot samples!!

Frustrated, you are about to leave, when the helpful assistant suggests that you try using pre-mixed paint for your project.

Custom-Made Paint

Most paints are standardized, and custom colour is achieved by tinting the paint. If you go to a large reputable paint outlet, they record the exact combination and formula of the tint they applied to the standard paint, so that the dye dots are the same and don’t end up being different colours.

However, this is not usually the case with inexperienced paint shops, so the chance of having a different shade is very likely. The end result can be a little “touch and go”

Purchasing pre-mixed or custom paints eliminates the anxiety of this occurrence.

Pre-mixed Paint Products for the Do It Yourself Market

In Europe, paint stores and paint departments feature beautiful paint displays and paint is treated with a unique respect. Pre-Mixed paint allows the paint to be perfectly tinted and blended every time, which ensures high quality every time.

Now with the advent of Pre-Mixed Paints it’s so much fun to get into a make-over project in the old or new place. It allows a line of beautiful paints which have been selected to mix and match by professional interior designers. Their neutrals are dreamy, rich, and really quite stunning! You can revamp with flair using classic neutral tones.

Experience is a great teacher and after many moves and many make-over’s , you learn a lot about different painting techniques but the best lesson is that if you have a high quality paint the results are so much more rewarding – Aesthetically and functionally! It’s important to me that my surroundings are easy to clean and pleasant to live in.

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