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Decorative Wall Painting Techniques

Decorative wall painting techniques

While a new coat of paint can brighten your home, decorative wall painting techniques can give you the tools to create a one-of-a-kind look and feel for your kids’ bedrooms, your living room or your study. Use these decorative wall painting techniques to give your home a truly unique look:

  • Stencilling: Instead of hanging a painting on your wall, why not reproduce a creative picture or decorative pattern yourself? Draw the picture or pattern you want on a thick piece of paper and use double-sided tape to stick it to the wall. Buy thin paint brushes (to use when you are painting near the edges of the drawing) and thicker brushes for larger areas. It is also wise to buy masking tape so that you don’t go over the edges if you are using multiple colours. Remember that practise makes perfect, so a good tip is to try this decorative wall painting technique on a large piece of paper before you paint your wall!
  • Use two colours on a single brush: Loading two different colours onto a single brush allows the colours to blend while you are painting. In order to master this technique, dip the two corners of your pain brush into the separate colours (don’t dip the brush too deep – make sure that only half a centimetre of the brush is covered in paint). It is important to pull the brush over a piece of cardboard or paper before you take it to the wall (to make sure there isn’t a gap between the two colours). This decorative wall painting technique works well with fluid paint.
  • Sponge painting: A unique way to add texture to your walls is to sponge paint the surface. Not only will you be able to disguise any irregularities in the finishings of the surface, but you will also be able to add an amount of depth to the wall. You will need to use a base paint to paint your walls before using a damp sponge to create a textured effect over the first layer of paint.

How Warrior Paints can help you

Before you transform the look of your house with decorative wall painting techniques, it’s important to invest in the best paint for the job. Warrior Paints offers a wide array of top quality paints for interior and exterior applications. Not only are our Premium Brands are guaranteed for 7 years, but we also provide an array of products that will help you prepare your surface for the job.

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