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Different Paint Tools for Different DIY Painting Jobs

Different Paint Tools for Different DIY Painting Jobs

If you are planning a DIY painting project, you need to make sure that you are prepared for whatever you may run into. There are all sorts of painting horror stories out there, but these are generally from people who didn’t have the right tools for the job.

There are many different paint tools on the market, and they change every year. This can become a bit overwhelming when you are trying to figure out what you have to have, and what will just make your life easier.

If you are planning an indoor project, you will need some basics such as plastic to protect you floors and windows, and masking tape to keep it in place as you work around it. Then you need to pick your brushes and rollers.

For getting in corners and doing more delicate work during your DIY painting job, you should have a paintbrush with an angled edge. These will come in handier than you might expect. They can get into corners better than just about anything else, especially where two walls and the ceiling intersect.

Once you have gotten the difficult to reach corner with a brush,paint pads are some paint tools that can make getting the edges of all the walls simple. They still can’t get into corners if you are repainting all your walls, but if you are painting one wall a certain color and leaving the others alone, a paint pad is a great way to paint right up to walls and the ceiling without leaving any paint on them. The only drawback to these pads is that they only work on smooth walls.

If you want to cover a lot of area quickly, or if you have rough walls, you should get a roller for your DIY painting. Roller heads come with different “naps” on them, referring to the thickness of the pile on the head. If you are painting smooth walls, you should get a thin pile that doesn’t take a lot of paint to saturate. For heavily textured walls you will need a thick pile though. This will allow you to get paint down in between the texturing easily. There are other paint tools that go with rollers as well, such as extension poles.

Paint sprayers are a DIY painting option you can look into if you want to get through your painting project quickly. Most of the time these paint tools are best for outdoor use where it doesn’t matter if there is some overspray. They can make quick work of fences, decks, furniture, and other things. You can either fill them with paint or stain, although you shouldn’t switch back and forth, as this could contaminate the liquid you’re working with.

If you want to use a sprayer inside, you need to make sure you get one that is nice enough that it won’t cause drips on your walls. You will also need to take more measures to protect your home from the overspray. If you are only painting one room, you need to hang plastic over the door and cover the ventilation holes until the spray settles so it doesn’t end up all over your house.

As you can see, there are many paint tools you can get to make your DIY painting project go as smoothly as possible. 

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