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Entering The World Of Custom Paint

Entering The World Of Custom Paint

Advanced technology has entered every aspect of our lives. This includes the colour on our homes or a car we are driving. The days of picking a colour off a chart are long gone and custom paint is now the rage.

If you haven’t been in the paint department lately, you need to stop by for a look. Many paint suppliers will carry about a minimum of four brands and each brand will have a plethora of colours to choose from. Taking a brush to the wall just got a lot more complicated when it comes to choosing a shade.

Regardless of what it is that you want to cover, we have to take time into consideration. Wherever the room or object is located, it has been exposed to sunlight. Sunlight fades the colour and at one time the entire item would have to have been painted. That is no longer the case. All a person needs to do is bring a decent sized chip of paint into your local store.

The paint specialists will then analyse the colour and render the formula for mixing up a perfect custom paint colour match. Now and then, the match may be off a slight bit, but it is still great for minor touch-ups. Along with shades, there are also a number of finishes to pick from.

You can start with matte, go to eggshell, proceed to semi-gloss, and end up with glossy and high gloss. Add to that interior and exterior types and there is no project that can’t be done by the average person. So whether you decide to brush, roll, or spray, there is a custom paint that can be made to fit your requirements.

The new low odour paints are making any task much more bearable. Just remember that whenever you decide to use a spray gun, protective breathing masks must be worn. Have fun! Need more information about custom paint in South Africa? Contact Warrior Paints today!

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