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Garage Floor Paint – What You Should Know

You might wonder why you’d want to paint a cement or concrete floor, since they’re already so sturdy. However, the truth is that floors made from cements or concrete can actually deteriorate pretty quickly when they’re abused by heavy traffic or in regular contact with chemicals, water and oil. There are plenty of high quality garage floor paints out there that can help you have a longer lasting, better performing floor, with just a little extra effort.

Probably the most popular paints for garage floors today are epoxy based. Whether a colorful paint or just a clear sealer, these are the first choice of people who paint cement and concrete floors professionally. Garage floor paints lasts a long time, and have excellent adhesion to just about any surface, too. They resist solvents and chemicals, as well as being water resistant. Unfortunately, traditional epoxy based garage floor paints come in two parts, which have to be mixed shortly before use, and they have a short shelf life that can make them hard to work with.

Fortunately, we have newer epoxy paints available for garage floors. These garage floor paints retain the great properties of traditional epoxy paints for cements without keeping the ones we don’t want. They’re still hard, good at sticking to garage floors, and resist chemicals and water, as well, as being flexible, color fast, UV resistant and capable of dealing with heat at levels up to about four hundred degrees F.

These paints can deal with shocks of up to five hundred pounds per square inch and go on in just one coat. They also come in a wide range of pleasant colors – not just the same old gray or red you might associate with cement paints. They’ll make a cement patio or a garage floor look great, and they’ll increase the perceived worth of your home. Non skid varieties for decks and walk ways are available, as are finishes with acrylic chips in them.

Avoid cheaper garage floor paints such as those based in latex, which aren’t scratch resistant, tend to be bad at retaining color, and don’t have much grip. Newer products based in epoxy are significantly superior and will get you more for your money. While epoxy based garage floor paints might seem expensive, they’re worth it in the long run, since they’ll last an extremely long time. Check out all your options and keep your cement or concrete garage floor in top condition as long as possible.

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