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House Paint Secrets

House Paint Secrets

Painting your house is much more than just finding the right colour, it is about the technique, the room’s surface, lighting etc. Read further to find out what you need to know before you put the wetted paintbrush against the wall.

House Paint Durability

The darker and intense the colour, the easier it will start to fade as opposed to lighter colours that will look slightly subdued after a few years, but not faded. Dark colour paints absorb heat easier and suffer more moisture problems than a lighter shade paint. Because darker colours fade easier it might be difficult to match the colour paint exactly when doing touch-ups. But don’t rule out dark colour house paint, it will give your house that dramatic look and won’t show stains and dust as easily as lighter colour house paint.

House Paint Sheen  

House paint comes in a variety of sheen from glossy to flat. Glossy paints are inclined to show dents, brush strokes and areas of touch-ups, but is easier to clean than a flat sheen paint. Most home owners tend to use flat sheen paint for the walls and glossy type sheen for areas subject to get dirty easily such as columns, window sills and railings.

Paint Colour Deceptions

Colour swatches look very different once taken out of store and viewed in the natural sunlight. It appears much lighter outside than outside. Also paint appears lighter on larger surfaces than smaller areas. It is advisable to buy a shade lighter than your first choice of colour paint in-store. Before buying liters of paint, purchase a small tub of paint and test a small area on your wall at home.

Hopefully these house paint secrets taught you something you didn’t know about house paint and would simply your choice of house paint but also save you a lot of money! For a wide variety of house paints, contact Warrior Paints!

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