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House Painting? Buying Quality Paint Is More Important Than You Think

House Painting? Buying Quality Paint Is More Important Than You Think

Are you thinking of house painting? Buying quality paint is more important than you think. Choosing a top product will give you a much better finish. High profile companies have a wide-ranging choice of colour and finishes.

Cheaper brands commonly peel or fade. They will also chip easier. The reason why some top quality products cost more is because the components are dearer. There is also a higher concentration of solids. This means that the painted surfaces will stay looking smart for longer. High amounts of solids make application easier.

Peeling and flaking are not so likely, mildew-resistance is greater and there will be better coverage with fewer coats. Spattering will be less. Pigment volume concentrate is expressed by the manufacturer as a percent. The optimum is considered to be 45%. Paints with lower volumes than this have lower tensile strength. If prime pigments such as titanium dioxide form part of the ingredient list, there will be better coverage of old painted surfaces.

Another ingredient in paints is binder. The type of binder used has an impact in durability and adhesion. Resistance to stains and cracks is also influenced by the type and quantity of binder as is resistance to moisture and sunlight.

The best latex paints will have higher percentages of acrylic binders, thus ensuring better adherence. Liquids, either solvents or diluents, carry the pigment and binders and account for a quarter to half the total volume.

A solvent holds the binder and pigment in suspension. The solvent may be paint thinner, used in oil-based products, or water, which is used in latex paints. Diluents are mainly used to lower the cost of the product. Apart from these main ingredients, thickeners, modifiers, defoamers, co-solvents and biocides may be added for particular purposes.

The first two make application easier. Biocides may be added to reduce the likelihood of mildew forming on exterior surfaces or high moisture interior surfaces. If you are house-painting, buying quality paint is more important than you think. Partner with Warrior Paints for top quality paints in South Africa.

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