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How to Fix Waterproofing Problems | Waterproofing Walls | Waterproofing Roofs

How to Fix Waterproofing Problems

If you have experienced waterproofing problems, whether it is on the outside of the home or on the inside, a bit of damage control can save you a lot of money in the long run.

The minute you do spota damp problem, it is best to fix it immediately – why wait for the damp to get to the stage where contractors and builders have to be called in when you could have tackled the problem and saved money, time and effort. So don’t call in the experts but go along to your DIY specialist and do  damp repair the easy, inexpensive DIY way:

Waterproofing External Surfaces

With these really simple steps waterproofing can be done in just a couple of easy DIY steps:

For external pillars and walls:

  • Clean and dry the surface thoroughly
  • Fill in the cracks, prime, with a product like Warriorshield Saturator
  • Paint over the dried primer
  • So the three really easy steps to waterproofing your outside walls are to clean, apply,  and finish – simple – One, two, and three!!

Waterproofing Walls

If rising and penetrating damp occurs from 1 meter to 1,1 meters , this is time for some really serious action.

To repair the rising damp on the wall it is best to apply these easy DIY steps:

  • Remove all the paint completely, by scraping and sanding all the damaged paint right down to the bare concrete or plaster.
  • Wash the surface with sugar soap
  • Repair any poor plaster or concrete with a masonry patching plaster.
  • Apply three coats of Warriorshield Saturator to waterproof the surface properly, preventing the problem of occurring again.
  • It is important to allow the Warriorshield Saturator to dry for at least a 24 hour period before each and every application.

Unlike other sealers, Warriorshield does not have to be diluted with a mixture of turpentine, before application.

Finish the waterproofing task at hand with a final coat of Warriorshield Kwik n Eezi Waterproofing

Repairing and Waterproofing Brick Walls

  • Remove any cracked cement between the bricks
  • Repair this with patching plaster.
  • Next wash the surface with sugar soap, rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • Apply three coats of Warriorshield Saturator, allowing the coats to dry thoroughly between each coat.

Waterproofing Roofs

Remember we live in a country where our roofs are particularly vulnerable and exposed to the elements, making waterproofing of roofs an essential part of maintaining our homes.

Warriorshield Kwik n Eezi Waterproofing would be the ideal product for this particular task at hand.

All Warrior products are SABS approved, making this a quality product to use, both inside and outside the home.

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