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How to Treat Wood for Outdoor Use | Wood Varnish | Wood Sealer

How to Treat Wood for Outdoor Use

Before you treat your wood to sustain outdoor conditions, you need to know whether it is a hardwood or softwood.

What is Softwood?

Softwoods refer to various types of trees, for example evergreen or coniferous trees from which the wood has been harvested.

What is Hardwood?

Hardwoods refer to woods that come from broad-leafed trees and have a closed grain. Some hardwoods are used for furniture manufacturing and some good examples are teak, kiaat, maple etc… Most hardwoods are very durable and heavy, so when coating them, special attention has to be applied to make sure that the coating adheres properly to the surface.

Sealer, Varnish or Oil?

Varnishes and oils are available for both interior and exterior applications to wood.

The deciding factor on using the various mediums depends on the type of lifespan and the finish that you are require.

Varnishes : Recoating will only be necessary every three years or so for external surfaces. Preparation before recoating with varnish might include stripping off all the old varnish right down to the raw wood. This depends if the previous coat of varnish has started to peel and crack and whether the wood underneath has been damaged in any way.

Sealers :

Wood that has been coated with a sealer will typically need to be recoated every two years or so depending on the conditions – these products produce a more natural finish. Oils: Produce a completely natural finish. They are thinned with turpentine and brushed onto the wood. A cloth is used to wipe off the excess oil – this is repeated every three months.

Wood Varnish

Varnishing gives wood a clear solid film without clouding the grain of the wood. Wood varnish offers really good protection and the wood life is extended substantially. Wood Treat Wood Seal is a general all purpose sealer which penetrates the wood and nourishes the wood at the same time. It improves the natural beauty of the wood and increases the life span of the wood So – don’t forget that preparation comes first when varnishing, sealing or oiling wood. And if we can offer you one piece of advice – Never ever just paint over a problem.

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