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Most Popular Interior Paint Colours

Most Popular Interior Paint Colours

Colours influence our mood, our perspective, the ambience and it stimulates the senses. Choosing an interior paint colour palette for your home is therefore a task that should be carefully considered.

You can have fun with hundreds, if not thousands of colour and shade choices, and new and exciting complementary colour choices. Trends are forever changing in all the design industries and this is no different for interior design. Popular paint colours change as frequently as popular fashion trends. So what are the most popular colour choices and combinations in 2012?

  • Sky Blues: Blue, often associated with coolness, and serenity, is actually very versatile. Deeper shades speak of sophistication, while lighter shades give a feeling of freshness. Strong middle colours such as Teal can convey a strength, funkiness, and confidence; and this season, they’re all in.
  • Warm Greys: Once very out of favour, greys are everywhere today. Greys with warmer hues are being found together with the other popular interior paint choices, in lounges, kitchens, even bedrooms. Greys are versatile, malleable and offer balance to any colour palette.
  • Earthy Tones: Orangey browns, red beiges, mossy and olive greens, sky blues. We all seem to have a yearning for nature and all things natural. As the organic, ‘green’, and conservationist trends gain momentum in our society, so do the colours of mother nature.
  • Bright Colour Pops: Dusty reds, butter yellows, leaf greens and turquoises have all been chosen as accent colours to compliment and add a little bit of spice or life or vigour to the popular interior paint colour palettes. These colours can invigorate soft and ‘quiet’ palettes and enhance chosen characteristics of the primary colours.

So whether you’re looking to create a sophisticated, calming, refreshing, or fun atmosphere in your home, this year’s interior paint colours can be combined to create just what you are looking for.

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