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New Trends in Paint Colors for 2011

New Trends in Paint Colours For 2011

As with all aspects of interior design – every year offers new colours, trends and options in the paint industry and 2011 is no different. Last year, we saw a lot of emphasis on new pastel colours, bright, lively colours and colours that made us feel upbeat and busy.

The new trends in paint colours for 2011 are simple, focusing on a “back to basics” look at life. With decorators and homemakers focussing more on making their households liveable, comfortable environments, paint manufacturers are also creating simpler, calmer colour schemes to choose from.

Some of the new colour trends for 2011 include softer colours, such as pale pinks, apricot yellow and striking, yet soothing oranges. There are also more early tones, as nature and the environment are increasingly gaining importance in society. If you are looking for a modern colour scheme for your home, be sure to check out the new ranges of beiges, greens and stone colours available on the market.

Introduce colour combinations that create the ambience of your choice. You may wish to choose blue and grey colours which have a soothing tendency. They create a pleasant feeling to live with. Your curtain fabric may be used as a starting point for your colour connections and combinations.

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Renovating or merely freshening-up the look of your rooms means choosing a good quality paint that will last. As with most things, one has to move with the times. When buying paint, let Warrior Paints assist you with your choices by showing you our paint guides and colour charts and informing you of the latest trends. Be the envy of your friends and neighbours. Introduce fresh ideas and fresh colours by following the new trends in paint colours to make your home bright and beautiful. Read our guide and learn how to create that visual appeal.

When buying paint from Warrior Paints one is assured of excellent service, great advice, quality products and real value for money. Our staff offers advice and assistance on the latest trends techniques and colour choices.

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