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Oil based paint | South Africa | Gauteng

Oil-based paints for your household projects

Painting your house can be a fast, easy way to beautify your space. When you are looking around for different types of paint, know that there are two basic categories in which paint is divided:

  • Water based – This type of paint is generally used for painting walls
  • Oil based – This type of paint is used for doors, trims etc. Oils based paints are thicker than other paints and you will also have to use different types of paint brushes when you are painting with oil based paints.

Tips for painting with oil-based paints

  1. Prime the area . It could happen that your paint will peel easier if you do not prime the area properly before you start your painting job.
  2. Dispose carefully . Oil-based paints are classified as toxic waste so dispose this carefully.
  3. Leave untouched . Oil-based paints can take up to 24 hours to dry.

Can I use oil based paint to paint the exterior of my home?

Yes. Oil based paint doesn’t restrict you to painting only indoor trims of doors and windows.

What other surfaces can I use oil based paints for?

You can paint metal surfaces with oil based paints (although it is still advisable to use a primer beforehand in this case) and you can also do some neat things with your decorating projects with this type of paint (such as a chest of drawers).

Benefits of painting with oil based paints

  • Long lasting . Know that when you are using oil based paints you won’t need to repaint for quite a long time.
  • Easy cleaning . Simply use soap and water when you are cleaning your surfaces.

Where to find oil based paints in South Africa

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