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Paint brush tips

Paint brush tips for home owners

Choosing the correct colour paint for your paint project is not your only concern when it comes to painting. It is just as pivotal to select the correct paint brush for a specific type of painting job. Different brushes are required for different types of paints and paint projects. Read how you can choose the right paint brush for your specific painting job.
  1. First decide what type of paint or coating you are going to use
    This is the first most important decision that you need to make. With so many different paints and coatings (stains, varnishes etc.) available on the market it is best to consult your closest paint shop or Warrior Paints to help you choose the right paint or coating for your specific needs. 
  2. Choose the right brush appropriate to your paint project
    Here are some general guidelines you can follow when choosing a paint brush. But rather ask if you are uncertain about anything.
  3. Quality Brush
    Just like paints there are various types of brushes available on the market. Like any other good end-result, choose the best quality paint brush for the best painting results.

    • Match the brush with the paint
      If you are painting with latex or water-based paints, use a nylon/nylon-polyester type brush that keeps their shape and resiliency. These brushes are easy to clean and its filament will not soften and become limp. A normal, bristle brush goes best with oil-base paints, varnishes, enamels and most stains and lacquers.
    • Use different brush sizes
      The bigger your project, the more different places you’ll need to paint and for that you need different sized paint brushes. It will also save you a lot of time and effort. Brush widths usually range between one and four centimetres. One centimetre brushes are used for trim, shutters and touch up paint jobs, whereas four centimetre width paint brushes are used to paint larger surface areas like walls, ceilings etc.
  4. Ask for brushes used for special uses
    A paint project consisting of sharp angles or unusual surfaces requires an angular brush. For the more difficult-to-reach-places you’ll need a paint brush with a long handle on a trim and sash brush. Inform your paint consultant of your paint project to provide the correct brush.

For all your paint brush enquiries and needs, visit your nearest Warrior Paints to assist you in choosing the correct paint brush for your paint project.

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