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Painting – An Easy Way to Add Value

Painting – An Easy Way to Add Value

Painting your home may be a difficult job but it adds tremendous value to your house. Admittedly it is a taxing job what with selection of colors and the myriad options available for a bright or dull or subdued painting.
Choose the wrong color and you actually contribute to diminishing not only the looks but also the value of your property. For example, pompous or pretentious colors on exteriors tend to give a flat and featureless appearance to your house and very bold colors might drown the architecture and cover the finer points of the façade.
Properly selected and skillful use of colors, on the other hand, will go a long way to curb or conceal the design flaws and increase value.

Painting – An Easy Way to Add Value

If you are painting an old home, you might want to choose a historically accurate scheme but pay proper attention to highlight the architectural details. It is also important to choose colors according to the location you are in. Some colors look splendid in some areas but completely out of place in conservative neighborhoods. Consider what your neighbors are doing but there is no compulsion to follow them.
While painting interiors the color of your furnishings will provide you excellent color ideas and you can match and harmonize the exteriors accordingly. Check for areas such as bricks and stones and vinyl windows that will not be painted. Depending on how big your house is you may use a combination of one, two or three colors.

Where to Buy Your Paints in South Africa

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