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Painting wood – tips for your wood painting

Painting wood – tips for your wood painting

Many people are hesitant when it comes to painting wood. This shouldn’t be much different than painting your walls or other surfaces – here are some tips for your wood painting!

  • Fix damages. Check the wood surface for any holes or damages and fill these holes with wood filler.
  • Applying a sealer. If you have filled holes, let this dry before you continue painting.
  • Sanding. Wood can get rough spots (especially if it’s left outside). Sand the wood before you start painting.
  • Window frames. If you are painting window trims, leave the windows open so that the paint can dry and it doesn’t get stuck to the windows.
  • Use tape. When painting doors and windows, use tape so that you don’t drip paint onto the door or window.
  • Painting drawers – remove all the drawers and paint the base part of the chest of drawers before you continue painting each separate drawer.

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