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Perfect franchise business in South Africa

Perfect franchise business in South Africa

Starting your own business in South Africa is certainly a lucrative opportunity considering the growing rate of South African entrepreneurs who have started their own business the past five to ten years as well as the economic climate we find ourselves in. Thousands of people have been retrenched leading to hundreds of households not having a monthly income anymore. In my opinion that is good enough reason to take the plunge and start your own business. But not a business from scratch; join an already established national organisation like Warrior Paints. That why you still get to be your own boss but with the backing and support of the organisation. Take a look at some of the other benefits of purchasing a Warrior Paints franchise:
  • You won’t be trying to sell a new product to the market, but an already established product and brand to customers who have some even become loyal to Warrior Paints.
  • There won’t be shortage of stock for your sales staff to sell.
  • You get a high return on your investment (initial capital input).
  • Your franchise gets competitive pricing because of the group’s buying strength.
  • Above average gross profits.
  • You buy into already structured and effective marketing and advertising strategies.
When you decide to purchase a Warrior Paints franchise and become part of the group, Warrior Paints will provide you with:
  • The necessary technical backup and training.
  • The store layout and initial set-up.
  • You’ll receive in-store promotional material.
  • The group will protect your area rights from other competitors.
Don’t be subject to the economy’s recession and let your financial circumstances be determined by an employer who is only as strong as the economy’s climate changes. Rise up above it, become your own boss and determine your own salary at the end of the month and provide a better life to your family. Hey, you can even become a shareholder and get part in the organisation’s annual profits.

For more information on the minimum requirements of becoming a Warrior Paints franchisee, and information on paints contact us.

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