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Spruce up your home with paint

Spruce up your home with paint

Do you feel bored and depressed with your home but don’t have the money to buy new furniture and interior pieces? One doesn’t always have to spend a fortune to make your house look good; sometimes your home can be spruced up by simply giving it a new coat and colour of interior paint. This way your furniture will look new and you will refreshed spending time at home. Oh yes, it will also save you a lot of money! So here is how you spruce up your home with paint.

  1. Prepare the painting surface
    Good preparation is the key to any job successfully completed therefore you need to clean the surface before painting. Check for dirt, scuff marks, greasy finger prints and hand prints. By lightly sanding glossy parts you will ensure the paint adhering properly.
  1. The correct tools
    If you are using latex paint use synthetic materials because they will hold their shape and keep their stiffness when used with water-based paints. The golden rule for naps: the smoother the surface the shorter the nap, the rougher the surface the longer the nap.
  1. Decide on the paint sheen and colour
    If you are uncertain about which colour paint to purchase why not start by purchasing small quantities of the colour paints you like. Apply the paint to a small section on the walls of the room you will be painting. Be sure to check the colour in both day and night light as the colour may appear different based on the lighting within the space.
    Another factor you should consider is the sheen of the paint. Higher sheens are more durable, offer more stain resistance and is generally easier to clean than flat paints. Satin finishes convey more warmth and depth to a room than flat paints.
  1. Purchase quality paints
    When painting the interior of your house always purchase acrylic latex interior paint. It will adhere smoothly, can be cleaned with water and soap and gives your wall a long-lasting beauty.
Spruce up your home with a new coat of interior paint. For a wide variety of affordable, quality paint contact Warrior Paints!

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