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The benefits of custom paint jobs

For do-it-yourself home décor enthusiasts there is nothing as satisfying as bringing a project together. Forming the vision for your project and seeing it brought into reality gives the sense of accomplishment and a job well done.

A great way to bring a room or space together is to do a custom paint job.  By taking pre-existing colours and mixing or matching to form an original colour scheme, you can turn your space into a one of a kind design. It is not hard to find or to have custom paint colours created. In fact, here are several options for creating that perfect custom colour scheme.

How to develop your own custom colour scheme

A great way to develop your own colour scheme and eventually a custom paint is to visit your local hardware store or paint supplier. Hardware stores, especially national chains, have an overabundance of colour options. 

With a rainbow at your fingertips, coming up with the right colour or colour scheme for your design will be an easy task. If you want to develop a custom paint colour, knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you. A key reason to turn to a staff member at a paint supply company is because they can let you know if the colour you choose can actually blend with another colour.

Two things that many people do not think of when they are looking at custom paint options are textures and finishes. For every colour, there are hundreds of options for textures, finishes and bases.

Oil based paints, all in one options, primers and other types of paint bases should always be considered when creating a custom pain colour. Texture is important as well. Paint with texture flakes or pieces may need special mixing options to create a custom colour. With a rainbow of colours and hundreds of options, finding the right custom colour can be an enjoyable and rewarding part of creating your own décor design.

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