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Tips for a Great Paint Job

They say a change is as good as a holiday; however, not everyone has the budget to buy new furniture or to splash out on brand new décor. If you are really tired of the same old, same old as far as your surroundings go, then why not go the DIY route and transform your surroundings with a great paint job?

By acquiring a few really good basic painting techniques you can be as good as the professionals. So let us look at a few paint job tips before embarking on the project at hand.

DIY Painting Tips

The following DIY Painting Tips might seem obvious and simple, but a little bit of preparation before the job gets underway can save you valuable time, money and resources.

  • Painting is not that dissimilar to baking – get all the ingredients before embarking on the task at hand.
  • Before you begin your DIY paint job, drape all the immovable furniture with plastic bags. Where you can, move all the furniture out so that paint does not splash onto your precious goods.
  • Remove all the hardware from the walls and lights – the light fittings, door knobs, switch plates etc and place these in little plastic bags and mark these carefully with a marker pen.
  • Make sure that you have old clothes to wear as well as slip- on shoes, which you can slip on and off while painting, as well as something to cover your hair like a shower cap or scarf.
  • Masking Tape is a must for those areas like window frames etc, so that you do not splash or spill on these areas while painting around them.
  • Surface preparation is essential to say the least. Working on a dirty or flaky wall will only result in the paint flaking off in no time at all so it is essential to fill any holes with a cement product, and to sand the wall down until it is really smooth.
  • If you are painting a surface in a kitchen for example, it is really important to wash the walls down and ensure that there is no residue at all on the surface – the best way to clean these surfaces is to wash it down with sugar soap.

What you need to buy for a Good Paint Job

Choosing the right paint for a great paint job is essential, and most stores that sell paint are only too happy to guide you in the right direction. Rather invest in good quality paints brushes and rollers, than going the cheap and nasty route. The obvious choice here would be to ask for expert advice which is on offer at most reputable paint stores. Words like Eggshell, Gloss, Matte, Primer, Sealer, Silk, Smooth, Softsheen, Textured, Undercoat, and Wash can become confusing, so it is best to call on the experts for advice before embarking on your project.

Luxury affordable paints are in South Africa to help you get your DIY Paint Job done to perfection.

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