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Tips to hiring a professional painter

Tips to hiring a professional painter

The times in which we are living call for extra security. The days have long gone when you can trust every contractor or labourer to come into your house and rest assured that the job will be done properly. Here are some tips for hiring a professional painter:

  • Shop around. Don’t call the first number you find on a flyer. Ask some trusted friends who they usually use for paint jobs.
  • Get quotes. You may be surprised the difference between quote from various painters. Call a few professional painters and ask them to quote you for the area they will be painting.
  • Ask for references. Professional painters should have a few references on hand. Call one or two to find out how the customers perceived their service.

Tips to buying paint

  • Use the right paint for the job.
  • Ask the paint company to provide you with a few samples that you can test at home.
  • Test a small area before applying the paint to the entire wall (there is often a difference between the colour of the paint on a colour-card and the colour you will have on your wall).

Paint from Warrior Paints

Warrior Paints offers the colourworks range, which consists of over 1500 colours. Warrior Paints assures customers that our manufactured products will perform adequately for their intended purpose. Customers are welcome to contact our Technical Service Department for any queries.

Warrior Paints’ strict quality control ensures our paints to be amongst the best on the market. We have an equivalent range of paints to most of our competitors, if not better. Every batch is quality controlled to ensure consistency.

Colours are mixed at the Warrior Retail Stores and large quantities at the Factory. Paint colours can be mixed while you wait. For small quantities, colours can be tinted within half an hour.

We keep records of tinted batches for our customers to ensure consistency of colours when they re-order.

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