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Understanding the Colour Wheel | Redecorating & Painting

Understanding the Colour Wheel

Transform your house into a home using the Colour Wheel:

Do you remember, as a child, learning the colours of the rainbow – Red, Orange, Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet.

As early as first grade we learn that we colour the sky in blue, the sun yellow, grass is green, and red is danger. The colour wheel is really not too dissimilar a concept to the colours of the rainbow!!

As an art student you learn that there are warm colours and cool colours, and that on the artist’s palette the three primary colours are red , yellow and blue, and that the secondary colours are green, orange and purple – red and yellow mixed together making orange, blue and yellow mixed makes green and that red and blue together make up purple…..then we have the third group of colours on the palette making up the tertiary colours which comprise of  blue-violet, red-violet, yellow-green, blue-green, yellow-orange, and red- orange.

The colour wheel is designed to help you, and using colours to their best advantage can revitalize your living or working space.

Why not teach yourself how to choose colours by using the colour wheel – colours that will inspire and jazz up your living space.

Artists are used to words like hue – these are pure colours and value – this is the intensity – the lightness or the darkness added to the pure colours.

And then of course the colour wheel is there to teach us how the colours relate to one another

This is what the colour wheel is really all about, and can easily be applied to the décor and DIY specialist.

Isaac Newton developed the first circular diagram of colours in 1666.

The colour wheel is designed, therefore, to help you choose colours that complement each other, making the end result of the paint job pleasing to the eye, and far more appealing than it would have been if you had chosen a plain white or cream colour, only. These colours are referred to as neutral colours – they are white, black and grey – and are devoid of all colour.

Knowing and understanding the color wheel will definitely help you understand how colour schemes work. The idea of using this colour wheel when it comes to redecorating and painting is to show people how every colour bears some relationship to all other colours. The colour wheel is a tool to help you understand the relationship between colours. You can use it to choose colours that will look amazing in your home, working with it to create endless decorating schemes.

After seeing and understanding how the colours all relate to each other and what stunning combinations there are to play around with, I am certain that you cannot wait to take a trip to your nearest paint outlet and start experimenting with the latest, funkiest décor colours!! 

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