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First Choice Acrylic PVA


First Choice Acrylic PVA is a lead free, durable and washable acrylic coating providing a matt finish. Applied correctly First Choice Acrylic PVA will give a long lasting quality finish.


First Choice Acrylic PVA is an interior or exterior coating which is excellent for use on walls, ceilings or any similar type masonry surface.


  1. a)New Masonry Surfaces: All surfaces must be dry, free of dust, dirt, grease and other surface contamination. Apply one coat of First Choice Water Based Alkali Resistant Plaster Primer and allow to dry for 4-6 hours. Finish with at least 2 coats of First Choice Acrylic PVA to colour of choice.
  2. b)Previously Painted Masonry Surfaces: Remove by scraping, wire brushing or sanding all soft powdered, blistered, loose or flaking paint. All surfaces should be washed and allowed to dry. All bare patches must be primed with First Choice Water Based Alkali Resistant Plaster Primer. In the case of boards or panels, all metal areas/nail heads, etc. should be spot primed with Warrior Metal Etch Primer.

Gloss or semi-gloss surfaces must always be sanded down with a fine abrasive to provide a good key for subsequent coats and then primed with First Choice Universal Undercoat and allow to dry for 16 hours.

Finish off with at least 2 coats of First Choice Acrylic PVA in colour of choice.



APPLICATION:                                                                                                                 Brush or Roller
CLEANING SOLVENT:                                                                                                     Water
THINNING SOLVENT:                                                                                                      Water
SPREADING RATE:                                                                                                         PRIMER COAT: + 4-6 m² per litre
FINAL COAT: + 6-8 m² per litre

DRYING TIMES:                                                                                                              SURFACE DRY: 1 hour
HARD DRY: 4 hours

SCRUB RESISTANCE:                                                                                                   Washable surface (>10 000 Oscillations)
PACK SIZE:                                                                                                                   1L, 5L, 20L
COLOUR RANGE:                                                                                                         White, Pastel, Deep, and Ultra Deep
RELATIVE DENSITY                                                                                                      1.45+ 0, 05 kg per litre
VISCOSITY:                                                                                                                    120-125 KU
FLASH POINT:                                                                                                               Non flammable



  1. It is impor­tant that this product be thoroughly mixed with a flat paddle before use.

As per standard painting practices, no painting should take place if surface or ambient temperatures are below 10⁰C or above 40°C. Painting should cease at 3pm or when rain is imminent

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