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First Choice Roof Paints

First Choice Roof Paints

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First Choice Roof Paints are acrylic emulsion based paints using light-fast pigments with easy application, good re-
coating properties and excellent durability.

First Choice Roof Paint can be used on cement, fibre cement, concrete tiles as well as on primed corrugated or IBR
roofing. It is also suitable for primed galvanised iron products.

a) When used on concrete roof tiles or new fibre cement roof sheets, apply one coat of First Choice
Water Based Alkali Resistant Plaster Primer, or First Choice Roof Paint thinned 10% by volume with
water, as a primer/sealer. Thereafter apply two coats of First Choice Roof Paint as supplied to
b) When used on New Galvanized Iron products, the surface must first be cleaned with Warrior Galvanized
Iron Cleaner. Wash and dry to a clean surface. Apply one coat of Warrior Galvanised Metal Primer. Allow
drying for at least 4 hours. Finish with two coats of First Choice Roof paint to colour of choice.


APPLICATION:                                                                                                           Brush, Roller, and Spray
CLEANING SOLVENT:                                                                                               Water
THINNING SOLVENT:                                                                                                Water
SPREADING RATE:                                                                                                   PRIMER COAT: 4-6 m2 per litre
FINAL COAT: Depending on surface
conditions between 6-8 m2 per litre

DRYING TIMES:                                                                                                         SURFACE DRY: 1 hour
HARD DRY:  4 hours

PACK SIZE:                                                                                                                 5L, 20L
COLOUR RANGE:                                                                                                      Deep Red, Slate, Midnite, Dark Brown, Bold

Green and Burgundy
RELATIVE DENSITY                                                                                                 1,10 ± 0,05 kg per litre
VISCOSITY:                                                                                                               100-105 KU
FLASH POINT:                                                                                                           Non flammable
FINISH:                                                                                                                      Light sheen

a) For new work, apply two coats of roof paint.
b) For best results it is recommended to repaint every three years as maintenance.
c) This product is supplied ready for use but can be thinned up to 15% for porous surfaces.
d) It is important that this product be thoroughly mixed with a flat paddle before use.
e) As per standard painting practices, no painting should take place if surface or ambient temperatures are below 10C above 40C. Painting should cease at 3pm or when rain is imminent.

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