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Warrior Water based Alkali resistant Bonding liquid


Warrior Water based Alkali resistant Bonding Liquid

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Warrior Water based Alkali resistant Bonding Liquid iWarrior Water Based Alkali Resistant Bonding Liquid is a fast drying low VOC primer, when compared to similar conventional solvent-based primers. It is an alkali resistant boding liquid, which is formulated to resist the effects of alkalinity on subsequent coats of paint. It dries quickly to a clear hard sheen finish and has excellent penetrating and binding properties.

Warrior Water based Alkali resistant Bonding Liquid Warrior Water Based Alkali Resistant Bonding Liquid is an excellent sealer to be used on:

1) Distempered surfaces.

2) Raw plaster walls, brickwork, ceilings, cement renderings and gypsum including rhinolite.

3) Old faded concrete roof tiles not painted for several years.


  • Surface preparation and application : Essential for good paint performance is a sound substrate that has been properly prepared and cleaned. The standard conditions for the preparation of plastered/masonry surfaces apply.
  • Surface Preparation for old/previously painted masonry surfaces : Multiple layers of previous paint in poor condition must be stripped back to a firm base or the original surface. All lime wash/distemper surfaces must be scraped off and brushed down to a firm base. All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dirt and surface contamination before any application of the primer.


APPLICATION: Brush, Roller, Spray


THINNING SOLVENT: Do not thin (Supplied ready for use)

SPREADING RATE: PRIMER COAT: 8-10m² per litre (depending on surface porosity)



HARD DRY: 4 hours

OVERCOATING: For water based topcoats 4 hours to 7 days

For solvent based topcoats, 24 hours to

7 days.

PACK SIZE: 1L, 5L, 20L

COLOUR RANGE: Clear only

SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 0, 97 + 0, 05 kg per litre

VISCOSITY: 12-15 “F4 cup

FLASH POINT: Non flammable

FINISH: Clear sheen



a) This is a low viscosity bonding liquid and is supplied ready for use.

b) Can be over coated with most conventional decorative solvent and emulsion finishes.

c) Warrior Water Based Alkali Resistant Bonding Liquid is not designed as a top or final coat and therefore must be over-coated within 7 days. Failure to do so will result in poor adhesion of the topcoat.

d) It is impor­tant that this product be thoroughly mixed with a flat paddle before use.

e) If difficulty is experienced in cleaning brushes or rollers use mineral turpentine to clean.

f) Please note that the drying time prior to over-coating is 24 hours, if Warrior Based Water Alkali Resistant Bonding Liquid is to be over coated with alkyd based enamels such as Warrior Super Gloss Enamel or Warrior Eggshell Enamel.

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