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Choosing a colour

Choosing a Paint Colour

Are you getting bored of your colour scheme at home? Choosing a new paint colour isn’t as hard as you might think. Here are some things to consider when you are trying to decide on a new colour for your house or rooms:

  • See what paint colours are popular at the moment. Speak to other people that are redecorating and find out what the newest trends are to get some fresh ideas. 
  • Consider the psychological effects of colours. Paint colours can change to feel of the room (for example, warm colours like red, orange and yellow make a room inviting while dark colours can make a room appear smaller). Think of what type of activities you do in the room you are repainting and choose a colour that is appropriate for each room based on this. 
  • Take note of the other things in the room such as artwork, furniture, floors etc. If you’re not planning on buying new things for the entire room, choose a paint colour that compliments these aspects of the room to emphasize the objects that are already there. 
  • If you are looking for an exterior paint colour for your house, consider other aspects of your house such as the colour of the roof, deck and other structures. 
  • Consider the colours of the walls now. Decide why you are unhappy with the current colour of the walls. If you feel they are too light or too dark, be careful not to make the same mistake when choosing a new colour for the walls. 
  • If you are thinking of choosing a dark colour for your walls, remember that they are more prone to fading in areas where they get direct sunlight. 
  • Ask a professional. Our team at Warrior Paints are paint experts and will advise you on all your painting needs.

Get the right tools to help you choose a paint colour. At Warrior Paints, we have the widest variety of colours to choose from. Visit one of our many paint outlets in South Africa or contact us to get a colour chart so you can start planning your painting job!

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