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Decorative guide

Are you getting ready for a painting job? Here’s a guide to consider before you start to make sure your painting runs smoothly! Consider the following points:

The Paint Product:

If you want a quality job done, buy a quality paint which carries the SABS stamp of approval. Buy paint manufactured by a reputable company. Retain sales receipts, warranties, guarantees and instructions. Do not assume a product is a bargain just because it’s on a special. Keep a sample of the paint in the original container and remember that paint will not fix a badly structured building.

The Specification:

It is highly important that the paint specifications are well suited to the paint job at hand Warrior Paints is only too willing to offer free advice on these matters. To give the correct supervision, the paint’s specifications must be read and understood carefully. Always keep a copy of the specifications for any disputes that may arise. Make sure that the paint is used for its intended purpose. Good quality paint and money is wasted if applied in the wrong way, or in the wrong application.

The Contract:

written contract must be entered into with your contractor that should include all relevant diagrams and paint specifications. Also to be included is a thorough description of the work to be carried out, the grade and quality of paint and materials sighted for use, start / finish dates as well as the finances and payment instructions. Ensure your contractor agrees to fulfil The Defects Liability Period in which he/she will make good the quality of the job done as well as any defects that may arise through their workmanship. The Liability Period is usually for 6 months after the work is completed and includes the contractor covering costs. The exact Terms and Conditions must be included and clear in understanding of both parties concerned. There should also be the option to cancel within 2 days of signing the contract as well as a dispute settlement clause.

The Contractor:

As most people do when buying a used car, shop around and don’t just take the first painting contractor’s quote. Make sure the potential contractor has at least 5 references, a suitable knowledge, the appropriate qualifications and some good experience. A contractor which is registered with an institution such as (MBA) (NAHB) should receive preference.

The Supervision:

Read the instructions and specifications carefully and make sure that they are followed. DIY enthusiasts must also follow the same if a quality paint job is intended.

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