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Frequently Asked Questions

    How do our paints compare quality-wise with our competitors?

    Warrior Paints’ strict quality control ensures our paints to be amongst the best on the market. We have an equivalent range of paints to most of our competitors, if not better. Every batch is quality controlled to ensure consistency.

    Do we guarantee our paints?

    Warrior Paints assures customers that our manufactured products will perform adequately for their intended purpose. Customers are welcome to contact our Technical Service Department for any queries.

    What colour range do we offer?

    Warrior Paints offers the colourworks range, which consists of over 1500 colours.

    Do we mix colours? How long does Tinting take? Do we keep records of tints and will colours match if one re-orders?

    Yes, colours are mixed at the Warrior Retail Stores and large quantities at the Factory. Paint colours can be mixed while you wait. For small quantities, colours can be tinted within half an hour. We keep records of tinted batches for our customers to ensure consistency of colours when they re-order.

    How can we offer the same or similar quality paints at cheaper prices?

    Warrior Paints maintains low overheads and ensure that production efficiency is at its optimum levels.

    Are our paints ready for use?

    Yes, unless otherwise specified.

    Do we deliver? Are there any minimum quantities for deliveries?

    Yes, Warrior Paints delivers free of charge locally according to delivery schedules. For outlying areas, each delivery will be quoted separately.

    What discount do I get?

    For contractors special discounts are offered on application. For the DIY market, Warrior Paints has fantastic promotions and discount prices which make Warrior Retail Outlets the best paint deal in town.

    Do we give quotations and offer free Technical Advice?

    Yes, Warrior Retail Stores and our Sales Representatives are available to quote where necessary and offer technical advice when needed free of charge.

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