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Paint Preparation

Did you know that 90% of paint failures are caused by bad paint application, poor paint preparation or poor workmanship? Here’s a simple guide on how to prepare paint, prepare a room for painting and how to prepare mould or fungus infected areas for painting.

How to prepare paint

  • Open the can of paint with a paint-can opener or a flat screwdriver. Don’t force the lid open because this could bend the lid.
  • Follow instructions on the lid. You might have to use a knife to cut through tabs on the lid before you can open it.
  • Stir the paint with a stick that is long enough to reach the bottom of the paint bucket.
  • Don’t thin the paint unless it is absolutely necessary. Warrior Paints are ready to be used straight from the can.
  • Mix the paint!
  • When you’re done with the paint, seal the can!

“A quality paint will only be of true quality if the surface on which the paint is being applied is clean, dry and properly prepared”

How to prepare a room for painting

  • Move your furniture into the centre of the room and cover the furniture with drop clothes. Put masking tape around doors, windows and wall furnishings.
  • Turn off air conditioning or heating while painting.
  • If there is loose or flaky paint on the walls, sand the walls down before continuing with a new coat of paint.
  • Fill nail and screw holes with caulk.
  • Turn off the electricity in the room and remove the cover plates from all electrical fixtures and switches. Put masking tape over these switches.
  • Remove air-conditioning vent covers

How to prepare mould or fungus infected areas for painting:

Before painting all traces of mould and fungus must be removed. Apply liberally Warrior Anti-Fungal Wash to affected areas. For dense growth a second application may be necessary to ensure a clear area. All areas must be thoroughly washed with water and dried before any application of paint. In most cases a coat of Warrior Dampcoat should be applied. Customers are welcome to contact our Technical Service Department to answer any queries.

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