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Tips and tricks for your Paint job

Are you painting your house and looking for some good painting tips? Then you’ve come to the right place! Warrior Paints have listed the top 10 paint tips to make your painting job a breeze!

  • Always prepare for your paint job. There are a couple of things you have to do before you jump in and start paint walls (such as removing old paint and cleaning the surface). Read our preparation article to find out all you need to know about preparing for a paint job.
  • Put your paint brushes in the freezer for a night. Wrapping your brushes in foil and putting them in the freezer will help keep them soft and also save you a bit of hassle when you’re planning on continuing the next morning.
  • If you want to cover a dark paint with a light coloured paint, first paint the walls with a stain blocker. This eliminates bleed-through of the darker colour or stains and will mean fewer coats of the lighter paint are required.
  • Tape the borders of the walls properly. Use a high quality painter’s tape. This type of tape adheres well, blocks paint drips, and will come off with little or no gummy residue. Be sure to either remove fixtures (lamps, towel racks, etc.) from the wall or tape carefully around them. Press the tape onto the surface you are covering well so it will form a seal that paint doesn’t get through.
  • Take care of your painting tools. Wash your paint brushes with warm soapy water and comb the brushes and rollers to eliminate fuzz and remove any hardened paint.
  • Keep track of the colours you’re using. Write the paint colour down so that you can get more of exactly the same colour if you run out of paint.
  • Use the correct type of roller for each painting job. If there is light texture on your wall, use a semi-smooth or rough texture roller. You will be far less exasperated and will get a much smoother coat of paint if you use the right roller.
  • Protect your windows. Don’t forget to put masking tape around window panes – this will protect your windows from getting paint on them and this will also protect the window putty.
  • When you have finished, let the paint dry. Come back in 24 hours to inspect the paint job. There will be spots that the brush didn’t quite get or that the roller skipped. Touch these spots up with the paintbrush or the roller (depending on size of the sparse paint).

Come back in 2 hours and marvel at the total change in the ambience and feel of your room. You can do this for the whole house, experimenting with colours, texture painting, etc. Don’t be afraid to change things around and prepare to have fun doing it