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Paint Techniques

Overwhelmed with all the different painting techniques? There are so many different styles of painting to choose from that you probably won’t know where to start if you don’t have a clear idea on what you want to do. Warrior Paints advises you to first decide what you want to do with your painting job and then following up on the different paint techniques available.

  • Stirring. Get a stick that is long enough to reach to bottom of your paint can when you are stirring your paint. When you stir from the bottom the paint will mix better and the colour that tends to settle at the bottom of the paint bucket will be distributed more evenly. 
  • Some people find “boxing” necessary. This is when you have multiple cans of paint that are the same colour and you pour the paint into one bucket to stir and make sure they are exactly the same colour. If you plan to do this, pour the paint into a big bucket and then back into their smaller paint cans
  • When you are using a roller, make sure that the paint tray isn’t completely full. The paint roller should be wet but not dripping. 
  • Paint strokes with a roller should be done in a “W” pattern. Go up and down with the roller making multiple W’s until they all overlap and the entire wall is covered. After this you should smooth the paint in non-diagonal strokes to blend glossy finishes. 
  • If you are using stencilling or stamping as a painting technique, make sure to paint the walls with a base colour first and wait for this paint to dry completely before putting the stencils on the wall. 
  • If you are creating a sponge or rag effect with your paint technique, also wait for the first coat of paint to dry completely and then use a lighter colour over your base coat. 
  • If you are using paint that has been stored for a while, remove the layer of dried paint in the paint bucket with a stick. After this you should stir the remaining paint to make sure there aren’t any lumps. 
  • Brush before rolling. Although there are different opinions about this, it is easier (and it leaves a better finish) if you use your paint brushes before paint rollers during your painting job. 
  • When you are using your brushes, only dip the paint brush in the paint to cover a third of the brush with paint. 
  • Don’t use too much pressure when you are painting with a brush or a roller. Keep the pressure light and sturdy and always try to use long, overlapping strokes. 

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