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Acrylic paints – Different types

Different types of Acrylic paints

If you have ever been confused about the different types of paints available, what they are and what the paints are used for; we have provided you with Paint Basics 101 focusing on the different types of Acrylic paints.
  • Latex paint or otherwise known as water based paint, however most paint companies refer to their water based paints as latex paints. There is no natural latex in modern paints.
  • Oil paint or Alkyd based paint known as oil based paint.
    • Oil based paint refers to paints that have linseed oil or Alkyd base (a synthetic oil base).
    • This type of paint requires a solvent like mineral spirits for thinning and cleaning.
    • Acrylic paints could almost be considered enamels because of their hard, durable gloss and semi-gloss finish typically used for trimming windows, doors and woodwork trim.
  •  Acrylic or Acrylic Latex is water based paints that contain Acrylic as its film forming binder doesn’t contain any natural latex.
    • Acrylic provides a non-yellowing durable finish.
    • It can easily be cleaned with water.
  •  Acrylic enamel or Acrylic latex enamel is a water based acrylic paint that is highly durable and doesn’t contain natural latex.
    • These paints have a non-yellowing finish and a semi-gloss sheen.
    • It is mostly used to coat windows and doors and for woodwork trim.
    • It is easily cleaned with water.
  •  Acrylic wall paint or acrylic latex wall paint are water based paints that contain an acrylic binder without any natural latex ingredient.
    • Most wall paints are not considered enamels although some wall paints are labeled enamel because of its sheen and high durability.
    • These paints can be cleaned easily with water.
It is important to note that not all latex paints contain acrylic. Some latex paints contain different binders, film forming ingredients and fillers. However acrylic is considered superior to most and is an important ingredient to high quality paints.
Remember: When purchasing paint check the label for the paint’s level of sheen. The higher the sheen the easier surface imperfections will show.
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