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Bedroom Wall and Furniture Paint Ideas

Bedroom Wall and Furniture Paint Ideas

Gone are the days when the entire house was painted in one mundane shade. Today there is a large variety of colors and textures available right from wall paints to furniture paints. However, with this large variety also comes a fair amount of confusion. The tips listed below will guide you on the right path.

Bedroom Wall Paint Ideas

When looking to paint your bedroom keep in mind that something too light may make the room dull, while something too bright could take on an overbearing role. If working with a very bold color like blood red or navy blue, stick to one wall only and color the rest in a much lighter muted shade like cream or white.
Neutral shades like beige, lavenders, and light lemons are very popular as bedroom colors because bring with them a relaxed environment. If your bedroom faces the east, go with cooling colors like light green or aqua’s. In case, the room does not receive too much light, brighten it up with warmer colors such as lemons and oranges.

Furniture Paint Ideas

When painting your furniture, keep in mind that there are several textures available and the finish can be anything right from glossy to matt to even antique. Work with a primer in order to ensure a better finish and a longer life to the paint job done. Keep in mind that it is extremely important that you allow the paint to dry out completely before applying the second coat. The lighter colors will work better for indoor furniture while the darker ones are more suited for outdoor garden furniture.
The most essential ingredient of a painting job, be it your bedroom walls or your furniture, is good quality paints. Those living in South Africa can now buy paints from the world leaders in this industry, since Warrior Paints have now arrived here too. To know more simply contact Warrior Paints and lend your imagination wings.

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