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Interior paint, where to buy it in Gauteng

Interior paint, where to buy it in Gauteng

Have you ever wondered where to buy good quality and affordable paints in Gauteng and when you’ve found that place what interior paint is the best for your paint project? Warrior Paints has branches strategically located throughout the country and stocks a vast variety of affordable quality paints to suit your painting project. Warrior Paints has compiled a couple of helpful tips to help you select the right type and colour of paint for interior painting.

Tip 1: If you are painting the walls and ceilings of living areas like the living room, bedroom and dining room it is best to buy flat (non-shiny) finish paint.

Tip 2: In areas that receive a lot of traffic like the kitchen, bathroom as well as doors, windows and trim you should buy semi-gloss finish paint because they are easier to clean and provide a tougher finish.

Tip 3: Generally speaking, an all-round paint ideal for most areas in the house is latex (water based paint). It is highly durable, cleans easy and dries quickly. 

Tip 4: If you require an extra tough finish for example outside doors and trims, as well as bathrooms it is best to go for alkyd (oil based) paints. It is much more durable, dries slowly and cleans with solvents. But be careful when applying this type of paint it emits a strong smell as it dries.

Tip 5: Before you go to the store to buy interior paint, first calculate how much paint you need. Here is an easy to follow formula: If you are painting the wall, multiply the lengths of the walls around the room by their height. If you are painting the ceiling add the square footage of the ceiling. This formula does not include the doors and windows, however just add 25 – 30% for them to walls and ceiling formula.

Tip 6: Any new surface requires three coats of paint. One coat for the primer and two coats of the paint finish.
Do you live in Gauteng and need to find out which Warrior Paints branch is located closest to your home? Simply visit www.warriorpaints.co. for a locator and speak to one of the experienced paint consultants for further assistance. 

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