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Paint colour tips

Paint colour tips

Painting is one of the cheapest ways to redecorate a room. Choosing the right colour paint is dependant on a lot of things such as the function of the room, the size of the room, lighting and the mood you want to create. Before you choose a colour paint take these paint colour tips into consideration first.

The function of the room

It is important to know what the room will be used for as this greatly impacts the colour you’ll choose.

  • Hallways & Entrances
    Bright colours work fantastically in these areas as you only get glimpses of the paint when you move through it. Colours such as hot pink, yellow and aqua work wonderfully for these areas.
  • Offices and sitting rooms
    Use colours that create a peaceful effect and calm you down such as light greys, blues and greens. 
  • Living areas
    Select a neutral colour that can be spiced up with colourful pictures, bold furniture and a variety of accessories. The sky is really the limit.

The room’s atmosphere

First determine what mood you want to create in the specific room and choose colours that will accentuate that mood. Here are different moods and each one’s suitable colour:

  • Bold & flamboyant
    Clean, satured colours work best such as acid yellow, hot pink and orange.
  • Relaxed
    Neutral shades of taupe, green, beige, brown, lilac or lavender create a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Stimulating
    A room painted with rosy pinks, peaches, yellows, aquas or greens will leave you feeling stimulated.
  • Reflective
    To create that nostalgic atmosphere use hues of grey and brown.

The direction of the room

  • A room that faces south receives very little sunshine and tends to appear cold. Paint the room with warm colours such as yellow, orange or red. You can use a white that will brighten up the room.
  •  A room with a west facing receives a lot of sun during the mid-afternoon and become very hot late afternoon. Cool the room down with subtle greens and blues.
  • A room that faces north and east receives sunlight almost right through the day and you should use other elements like the size, function of the room, the style and furniture to determine the colour of the room.

Awkward shaped rooms

  • Small rooms
    Use lighter colours that reflect and avoid darker colours that will make the room seem even smaller. Also paint the ceiling and skirting lighter colours than the walls.
  • Long and narrow rooms
    Paint the short walls a darker longer to make the walls look longer; reducing the narrow feel.
  • High ceilings
    Use a darker colour above the picture rail. This will create the perception that the ceiling is lower than it actually is making the room seem smaller.

The colour paint you choose plays a significant role in the overall effect and mood of the room. It also leads the style and design of the room. Do you need advice on what colour paint would best suit a specific room? Contact Warrior Paints and their experienced and well-trained paint consultants will advice you.

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