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Perfect paint colours for your home

Perfect paint colours for your home

Finding the perfect paint colour for your home is all about knowing what interior colours to use and the combinations that will be right for your house’s interior. But you also need to determine the functionalities of the different rooms to be painted, the interior design you want to follow, what effect and atmosphere you want, what colour schemes you like, how the light in your house affects the size of a room and the ins and outs of light and dark shades of paint etc. These are only some of the questions that you need to answer. If you’d like to find out how to answer these questions please read further. 

Paint Colour Schemes

  • A monochromatic colour scheme is when you use the same colour paint throughout but with its different shades and tints.
  • An analogous colour scheme is the colours paint that lies next to each other on the colour wheel.
  • A complementary colour scheme consists of colours that are positioned opposite each other on the colour wheel.

If you are uncertain about what colour scheme to choose here are some creative ideas to get the creative juices started. The goal is to combine different colours, textures and patterns; take any unusual combination and see how they match up. Here are some ideas to get you started in choosing the perfect colour scheme for your home:

  • Fabric designs
  • Paintings
  • Magazine layouts
  • Nature
  • Stones and Rocks
  • Bird Feather
  • Other home interiors

Once you have finalised your home’s colour scheme you have to decide if you want to:

  • Use one colour throughout your home.
  • Use different colours in different rooms.
  • Use co-related colours for different rooms.
  • Use different colours for different portions of the room.
  • Use different colour paints to accentuate trim, doors, windows, railings, columns, moldings etc.
  • Use different shades of colour paint for different parts of the room.
  • Use different shades of color paint for the windows, shutters, trim, doors, railings, columns etc.

When you choose a colour paint keep the following in mind:

  • Choose the colour of the walls first.
  • Choose the colour paint for the trimming based on the colour of the walls.
  • Colours are slightly different than what you see in colour swathes so rather check it in dark, natural and artificial light and test the paint on the wall first. 

What you need to know about light interior paint colours:

  • Gives any room a spacious effect.
  • Use light colours to paint long walls.
  • It accentuates projecting wall portions.

What you need to know about dark interior paint colours:

  • It accentuates trim.
  • Paint the wall recesses with a dark colour.
  • Make a room look smaller.
  • It requires more maintenance than lighter colours.
  • Dark colours absorb more heat than lighter colours.
  • Dark colours fade quicker than lighter colours.

There is a wide variety of different paint types:

  • Gloss paint is durable and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. It is mostly used in kitchens, bathrooms and rooms that receive a lot of traffic.
  • Flat paints are most commonly used.
  • Satin paints give a smooth finish and are easy to clean.
  • Semi-gloss paints are used for doors, windows, wall trimmings.

Choosing the perfect paint colours for your home can be very easy if you know what questions to ask yourself? Now that you know what colour scheme you want to follow and what effect you want to create in your home contact Warrior Paints and choose from a wide variety of paints that will make your house look, perfect!

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