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Tips for a great paint job

Painting Tips

Nothing gives a room quite that finishing touch like a new, fresh paint of coat. But in order to achieve that you need to be prepared on how to start and prepare, before painting. The painting tips below will ensure that you’ll love your painted room just as much as the colour you’ve chosen in the first place. Don’t fall into that love-hate relationship with paint.


  1. Begin your paint the right way
    The best way to start is by being organised. Make sure that you have all the necessary equipment ready before you start painting. Get a paint toolbox with all the required painting tools and place it in the middle of the area or room being painted. You’ll need paint; a brush, hammers, rollers, screwdrivers, rags, plastic bags, plastic wrap, drop clothes and paint can opener.
  2. Put a day aside for preparation
    Don’t attempt to do everything in one day. The day before you start painting, move all the furniture and decorations to the middle of the room, patch holes and cracks in the walls and cover the doors and windows with blue painter’s tape. Cover all the ceiling and wall light fixtures with plastic bags.
  3. Clear the room
    If it is possible move all furniture, lamps and decorations outside. If it is not possible, at least move it to the middle of the room and cover it with a quality drop cloth. It is advisable to put a second layer of protection over the furniture like an old sheet or plastic.
  4. Remove all hardware
    It is easier said than done to paint around those inconvenient door knobs, drawer handles or hinges etc. If you are a highly professional painter and can paint around these without dripping some paint on these hardware types, rather remove them and place them in separate plastic bags clearly marked. Remove all cabinet knobs, door knobs, light switch plates and outlet covers and light fixtures.
  5. Are you prepared?
    No matter how hard you try you are bound to get paint on you. Wear old, comfortable clothes (not loose-hanging) you are not cautious about and wear easy-to-slip-off shoes like sandals. Take off all jewellery, accessories etc. When you are painting the ceiling wear a showering cap and if you wear eyeglasses cover them with plastic.
  6. Don’t paint over cracks or holes
    If there are cracks or holes in the wall, don’t just paint over them. First fill them up with polyfilla, but I recommend going to any hardware or painting store to advice you on how best to treat these problem areas.


Now you are ready to start your painting job! If you don’t have your painting equipment ready yet or haven’t chosen a colour of paint, visit Warrior Paints for all your painting needs and questions.

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