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Top considerations when painting with oil based paints

Top considerations when painting with oil based paints

In choosing an exterior paint, you need to decide whether you are going to use an oil based paint or not. Oil based paints have distinct characteristics that are different from water based paints. One of the things you will need to keep in mind is the level of dampness of the area being painted. Oil based paints do not breath and areas of moisture that condense around the paint can cause bubbling, cracking and peeling.

The chemicals in oil based paint give the paint unique qualities. Oil based paints emit a distinct fume that some people feel is an unpleasant odour. Some professional painters also feel that painting with oil based paints requires more effort with regards to preparation and application.

One of the benefits of using oil based paint is that they can be applied in very cold weather. The long drying time of oil based paints, about twenty four hours before recoating, can mean that dirt and bugs get attached during the drying process, so care is essential to make sure the area around the painted surface remains dry and free of debris.

Oil based paints fill in rough surfaces so if you aren’t bothered with a bit of dirt residue, these paints serve as a quicker alternative to the cleaning and glossing required for water or latex paints.

Oil based paint has a very high gloss factor but it can also be prone to fading. Solvents like paint thinners are often needed, and this adds to the odour and fumes. Oil based paint is also flammable, and care needs to be taken to ensure safety throughout application. Older oil based paints contained very toxic chemicals such as lead, copper, arsenic and cobalt. Removing these paints requires specialised knowledge and care.

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