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Types of road marking paint

Types of road marking paint

Road marking paint can be defined as an alkyd based, quick drying coating and has a matt finish. Road marking paint is most popularly known for its quick-drying nature making it ideal for tar, concrete and/or asphalt surfaces. These surfaces generally requires a barrier coat of paint, a paint that doesn’t bleed and a paint that doesn’t discolour previous coats of paints – as is the case with the white lines typically used on tar roads. 
Process to use Road Marking Paint
Before you start painting with road marking paint it is very important that the surface to be painted is clean and that there is no dust, oil, dirt etc. present on the surface. Once the surface is clean you can apply one or two coats of road marking paint and let it dry for as long as possible. When applying road marking paint you can use a brush, spray or roller of which a brush is for smaller areas. The longer you allow the paint to dry and the rougher the surface the longer the road marking paint will last. Generally, road marking paint dries very quickly, within three to five minutes. Road marking paint can be applied to any new, clean or already painted of the above mentioned surfaces.
Product specifications
  • Spreading rate
Depending on the type of surface you can usually paint 6 – 8 square meters per liter with the primer coat and eight square meters for the final coat.
  • Road marking paint container sizes
Road marking paint can be purchased in 1 l, 5 l or 25 l, containers.
  • Colour range
Road marking paint comes in white and yellow, but can order obtain red and black on request.
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