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Warrior Eggshell Enamel


Warrior Eggshell Enamel

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Warrior Eggshell Enamel is a semi-matt alkyd based enamel paint, with good flow and levelling properties and dries to a uniform attractive finish.


Warrior Eggshell Enamel can be used on suitably primed wood, steel, masonry or most indoor surfaces. This product is recommended for interior use only. It has good resistance to steam and condensation and is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.


1. Ferrous Steel: One coat Warrior One Pack Etch Primer or Metal Etch Primer one coat of Warrior Universal Undercoat.

2. Wood: One coat Warrior White Wood Primer and Warrior Universal Undercoat.

3. Masonry: One coat Warrior Alkali Resistant Plaster Primer and one coat Universal Undercoat.

4. Galavised Iron Products: One coat Warrior One Pack Etch Primer and then one coat Warrior Universal Undercoat.

5. P.V.C., or Glass: One coat Warrior Universal Undercoat.


APPLICATION: Brush, Roller and Spray

CLEANING SOLVENT: Mineral Turpentine

THINNING SOLVENT: Mineral Turpentine


  • FINAL COAT : 8-10 m² per litre


  • SURFACE DRY : 3-4 hours
  • HARD DRY : overnight

PACK SIZE: 500ml, 1L, 5L, 20L

COLOUR RANGE: White and full range of Tint


SPECIFIC GRAVITY: +1,2 kg per litre



FINISH: Eggshell sheen


a) All undercoats must be thoroughly dry and lightly rubbed down with sand/floor paper before application of the first coat of Warrior Eggshell Enamel.

b) Ensure that each coat of paint is thoroughly dry and lightly rubbed down with sand/floor paper before the appli­cation of the subsequent coat.

c) It is impor­tant that this product be thoroughly mixed with a flat paddle before use.

d) Apply in blocks of 1,5 m² ensuring that the paint is applied from the ceiling to halfway down to the floor and then from the halfway position down to the floor. Ensure that the paint on the top half is not “touch” dry, but must be wet (i.e. it must not be tacky) when applying the paint to the bottom half of the surface being painted. Where the coats overlap or join always ensure that it blends evenly.

e) If allowed to “touch” dry, coarse matt patches will appear when the wet coats overlap the recently dried paint.

f) The whole panel of the wall or surface must be painted in one session without a break, so that the abovementioned overlapping problem does not occur.

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