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Warrior Skimming plaster

Warrior Skimming Plaster

Warrior Skimming Plaster is a ready mixed product for easy skimming, with excellent adhesion to most building substrates, i.e. raw or previously painted plastered walls, ceiling boards, plasterboard and concrete.
  • Warrior Skimming Plasterfills and repairs hairline cracks, small holes, plaster defects and other imperfections to a smooth, even finish. In addition it helps prevent the tendency for hairline cracks.
  • Warrior Skimming Plasteris ready for use and ensures superior quality, durability, adhesion and water resistance when compared to gypsum-based products. It has a further advantage over gypsum-based products as it does not powder at a finer film thickness and thus does not require priming.
  • Warrior Skimming Plastersands easily and can be over coated with acrylic or alkyd based paints.

 Specification or Recommendedpaint System:

  • Warrior Skimming Plastercan be applied directly onto newly plastered surfaces or previously painted sound surfaces. All moisture problems should be eliminated prior to applying Warrior Skimming Plaster. If in doubt, it is preferable to apply Warrior Alkali Resistant Plaster Primer (allow to dry for 16 h) before applying Warrior Skimming Plaster, which should prolong the lifespan of the coating system.
  • Remove cement spatter, trowel marks, etc from the surface by sanding or scraping. Previously painted gloss or sheen surfaces must be sanded to a matt finish.The substrate must be firm, dry, clean and free of dust. Pre-fill deeper imperfections.
  • For best results, two coats of Warrior Skimming Plaster should be applied at an approximate spreading rate of 3 m² per kg per coat (1.5 m²/kg for two coat system), dependant on surface profile. Warrior Skimming Plaster should always be applied as thin as possible to smooth out surface irregularities.
  • Apply Warrior Skimming Plaster with a good quality flexible steel trowel at an angle by pressing firmly against the substrate and scraping the surface in a horizontal sweeping action until a continuous smooth finish is achieved. The trowel should be used at an angle of between 45 and 30 degrees. Continue keeping a wet edge. Allow to dry for 2 to 3 hours, sand lightly with medium grade sandpaper if required. Apply a second coat in the same manner.
  • Overcoat only after Warrior Skimming Plaster has completely hardened (± 6 hours). No primer is required. Apply 2 coats of paint to finish.Weather conditions and poor ventilation can extend the drying times. If over coating with enamel paint, allow Warrior Skimming Plaster to dry for at least 48 hours.
Steel trowel
Cleaning Solvent:
Thinning Solvent:
Do not thin:
Spreading Rate:
First Coat: +3 m² per kg depending on surface profile
Final Coat: +3 m² per kg depending on surface profile
Drying Times:
Surface Dry: 1 hour
Hard Dry: 3 hours
Over coating: 6 hours
Pack Size:
1.75kg, 7.5kg, 17,5kg and 35kg
Colour Range:
Thick paste
Flash Point:
Non flammable
Relative Density:
+ 1,75 kg per litre

General Information:

a) Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
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